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Vitality is energy. Good flow means good health. Disrupted flow will lead to sickness. „Acupoint Massage according to Penzel“, or simply, the Penzel Therapy, is an alternative healing method from Germany for humans and animals, based on the principles of traditional chinese medicine (TCM). The Penzel Therapy is suitable for horses of all kinds: the riding or driving mount just as well as the old horse or youngsters and foals. As a trained and certified Penzel therapist, I help horses with the following and other issues:

  • long warm-up-phase and „somehow-being-not-quite-right“
  • all kinds of riding issues
  • general stiffness and blockages in spine or joints
  • arthritic limbs and joints
  • coughs and lung problems
  • behavioural issues
  • new wounds and old scars
  • getting in foal and birth preparation

During the treatment – with my hands and a little massage stick – I help the horse to balance its flow of energy in the body. Where there is too much energy, I release; where there is too little, I enhance the flow along the meridians, i.e. the routes of energy through the body. My aim is to activate the „inner doctor“. When the flow of energy is harmonic again, the horse can work with it and release its health issues in its own individual speed. By offering a new, a healthy flow of energy along the spine and throughout the body, I help the horse to help itself. For a happier ride and a healthier companion.

Elin Hinrichsen . Penzel Therapist for your horse.
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+49 – 163 – 55 65 489

Do you have any questions, would you like to book me?

Then just contact me, go ahead.

The easiest way is to send me an sms, a WhatsApp or you just give me a phone call.

Anrufen Tel. +49-163-55 65 489

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